Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pampers Sensitive ThickCare Wipes

i flipped flopped between the regular pampers sensitive wipes and the huggies natural care for a while--i liked the pampers sensitive because it was softer and feels more moisturizing but the huggies is thicker and cleans better, especially with messy poopies. i''ve also been looking for safer alternatives to baby wipes and tried a bunch of the green brands (seventh generation, earths best, babyganic, etc.) but hated all of them. i tried the pampers sensitive thick care wipes just because i had a coupon and discovered that i LOVE them! they have the moisturizing softness of pampers but the wipe is nice and thick like the huggies.

i also looked up all the different wipes i tried in the EWG''s skindeep database, generating my own reports based on the ingredients list for products not found in the database, and found that the pampers sensitive thick care rates the LOWEST of any of the wipes i''ve tried. pampers sensitive thick care was rated a 2 out of 10 (the lower the number, the less harmful the product), while the regular pampers sensitive wipes got a 3 and huggies natural care got a 4.

i''m a proactive, slightly paranoid, and very particular first time mom. i''ve tried a LOT of different baby product--diapers, wipes, body washes, lotions... you name it, i''ve tried them all, looking for products that work well and are safe for my baby--and i absolutely love these wipes. they''re soft, they work and they''re safe for my baby.

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